Create campaigns for Hermès Men’s Winter Silk Collections that were able to live both as category standard store catalogs, but also break through channels such as long form videos to make a statement about the brand.

Our Perspective

As a family-owned fashion house steeped in history and tradition, going back to their roots and values gave us enough perspective to realize that to stand out we needed to look back, in order to push forward. That's how we found a story that, just like the brand intended, spoke to our premium audience without taking itself too seriously.

The Idea

We leaned into the iconic feeling of freedom and unapologetic joy that comes from skiing as our way to express an “elevated French sensibility.” One that, brought to life through the outstanding lens of synchronized skiing, both in the French Alps and on Lake Como, delivered a feeling that perfectly embodied the balance between movement and humor that is inherently true to the brand legacy and the season.